Foundation Board Members



2017 Board Members

Patricia H. Portwood,: Co-Chair: Term: 2013-2018

Jane Manley, Co-Chair: Term: 2016-2017

Angie Repp, Vice Chair: Term: 2015-2020

Laura Milbury, Treasurer

Dawn Cullum, Secretary
Term: 2014-2019

Kathi Cohn: Term: 2010-2018

Carol Shour – Past Chair
Term: 2008-2017

Terrie Gamboa  Term: 2015-2017

Bob Gausman  Term: 2015-2017

Liz Seaver  Term: 2015-2018

Erica Treat

Susan Lilly, Communications and Fund Development, Stanislaus County Library
Diane McDonnell, County Library Director




Past Board Membership: 2015


Pat Portwood (2013-2018), Chairman
Angie Repp (2015-2020), Vice Chairman
Dawn Cullum (2014-2019), Secretary
Laura Milbury, Treasurer

Kathi Cohn (2010-2018)

Terrie Gamboa (2015-2017)
Bob Gausman
Jane Manley (2016-2017)
Liz Seaver (2015-2018)
Carol Shour (2008-2017)
Susan Lilly, Communications and Fund Development, Stanislaus County Library
Diane McDonnell, County Library Director


Kathi Cohn, Modesto

Retired Fund Development Manager

I have been a constant user and ardent supporter of the library all my life.  I believe a strong library system is the cornerstone of democracy.   The library is the place where knowledge is available to everyone, past, present and future.

“The health of our civilization, the awareness of our… culture and our concern for the future can be tested by how well we support our libraries.” Carl Sagan


Dawn Cullum


Bob Gausman



Terrie Gamboa


Susan Lilly


Jane Manley


Reading to children, even before they can understand, teaches them to associate books with love and affection.”

As a lifelong reader, learner and recently retired educator, I believe our library system is a valuable resource to all our residents.  I will work to keep it viable and available to all.


Laura Milbury


One of my favorite things about living in Modesto is our large public library system. The library provides essential resources to our community that help to further literacy, engender a love of reading, and to generally enrich our lives.

Diane McDonnell, County Library Director


I am consistently inspired by my work in public libraries.  My interpersonal experiences in the library field shape the foundation of my belief that our libraries enrich and change lives.

Society is changing at a rapid pace, and technology is fundamentally changing our lives.  Technology offers alternative methods of delivering outstanding library service.  Our Library is now a hybrid of the physical library and the virtual library.  However, technology aside, the idea of connections is what is important.  The Stanislaus County Library connects people to information services, and to each other.

The Foundation plays a critical role in supporting the Library.  It provides needed talent and skills, funding, a public commitment to the Library’s success, and strong library advocacy in the community.


Patricia Portwood, Retired Educator

I am honored to serve on the SLF Board because it gives me an opportunity to continue supporting my beliefs about literacy and life long learning. “There is not such a cradle of democracy upon the Earth as the Free Public Library…where neither rank, office, nor wealth receives the slightest consideration.” Andrew Carnegie


Angie Repp


Liz Seaver


Carol Shour, Modesto

Teaching Assistant/Tutor

The library is near and dear to my heart. It was a weekly stop as a child, became a wonderful resource for school projects and later was helpful in my job searches out of college. My son always has his head in a book; I took him to story time and special programs as a toddler and we continue to utilize the quiet area for homework and books for research or fun. It’s free to all and a vital link to our community. I serve on the Foundation as a way to give back to the special place that has given so much to my family. I believe the future of the library is in all of our hands.